ARCHcon Game Jam

What is the “ARCHcon Game Jam”?

The ARCHcon Game Jam is a Game Development contest hosted by Cebu Game Dev. A Game Jam is normally gathering of people for the purpose of planning, designing, and creating one or more games within a short span of time. Participants are generally made up of programmers, game designers, artists, writers, and others in game development-related fields. For this Game Jam, we’re allowing up to 5 (five) members per team.

A specified theme will be given and announced on the 5th of August so participants can get started. There will be a Registration Fee of 500 PHP that is due on the 29th of September.

You can drop the payment by at La Tegola, The Terraces, Ayala Center Cebu. Located at the ground floor near Starbucks coffee or Philosophia Library Cafe (Mandaue City), beside Metrobank Highway.

The ARCHcon Game Jam is presented and organized by Cebu Game Dev and co-organized with Red Trident Games and ClintKAMMS Corporation. Feel free to contact ArchCon if you have any questions reguarding the contest.

For Questions, Contact us at:




Free Technical Workshops Included! (But NOT Compulsory)

Along with the game competition; participants from Cebu Game Dev have volunteered to assist in helping out “first timers”. There will be a total of four, continuous workshops hosted along with a final playtesting session for the participants a week before the submission deadline. Dates for the workshops and topics of the workshops will be listed below.

Do note that if you want to attend these workshops- make sure to pay your registration fee before the date itself. The workshops will also be more hands-on (if you have a device available) rather than lecture-oriented. Think of a mini-mentorship from our volunteers.

Important Dates* for the ARCHcon Game Jam

Date Topic
August 5 Online Theme Announcement
August 19

Beginner’s Guide/Orientation (Free)

Game Design

GDD, Core Loop/Mechanics

September 2 Game Art and Animation Workshop (Paid or for Participants Only)
September 23 Tech and Unity Workshop  (Paid or for Participants Only)
September 29

Final Date for Registration of Entry

October 7 The ARCHcon Playtesting (Cebu Game Dev Private Playtesting)
October 15 Game Submission Deadline (Final Build)
 October 28-29 ARCHCON 2017

*Dates and details are still temporary and can change anytime

Contest Details

Game Contest

  1. The registration fee will be (500 PHP) per game.
  2. A game team should only consist of no more than 5 members.
  3. Registering for the contest enables you to attend free workshops hosted by Cebu Game Dev.
  4. Only digital games will be allowed and have to be playable on a PC Platform.
  5. Any material, assets or work that has been outsourced by the team must be clearly documented and this information sent alongside the application.
  6. The organizers reserve the right to make changes to these rules as necessary.


  1. The game submitted must be created entirely for the sole purpose of the contest.
  2. Contestants are to submit a playable executable of their game. There is no need to submit the original source code.
  3. Please keep your original source code and art asset working files just incase the judges need to verify.
  4. The team owns full rights to their game. The organizers reserve the right to use images, video and text material from the game and entry submission for the purposes of marketing the competition and the games.
  5. When submitting your game, at least the following will be required:
    1. A working build of the game.
    2. Video showcasing gameplay material of the game.
    3. 4 Screenshots of the game.
    4. A document describing basic information of the game (name, short description, number of players etc.) and how to install and run the game.
  6. How to Submit your game will still be announced.

Judging and Prize Pool

After submission, judges will get to pick the top 4 games submitted for the Game Jam and present them live in ArchCon Cebu at Robinsons Galleria this October 27 and 28. The games will be rated by con-goers, and the one with the highest score during the con will win the People’s Choice Awards (1st Place)

  • PEOPLE’S CHOICE AWARDS: The game that people just love to play during the event itself

The games will also be judged based on the following three aspects and will be awarded consolation prizes. Exact amounts will be announced on August 5th, 2017 (the same time as the Theme Announcement.)

  • FUN: Is the game fun to play and able to keep a player interested? Are the objectives of the game easy to understand?
  • FEEL: Is the artstyle of the game consistent with the gameplay? Do the controls for the game feel right? Does the game run well?
  • NOVELTY: Is the game an entirely new concept, or does it combine old ideas in new, interesting ways? Does it stand out from other games of it’s genre?



  • Teams can submit a game using existing technologies such as engines, frameworks and models. Teams must own full right to use those technologies.
  • Teams are allowed to use existing frameworks (ie. code from the Unity Asset Store- however, using an entire template as a basis of your code is not allowed.)


  • Submissions are allowed to use pre-existing assets online- however, they will be opted out of the Art category in the competition.
  • You are allowed to use royalty-free music in the competition and will not be counted as “art” assets. However, using your own sound effects and music is encouraged.



Instructions on payment:

  • Drop your registration fees in this location:
    • La Tegola, The Terraces, Ayala Center Cebu. Located at the ground floor near Starbucks coffee



  • Philosophia Library Cafe (Mandaue City), beside Metrobank Highway

  • In the front of a white envelope, write your:
    • Team Name_Contact#_ARCHCONGAMEJAM
  • Example:
    • Ninja Gaiden team_031644587962_ARCHCONGAMEJAM
      and place your registration fee along with it.
  • Drop your envelope to the cashier in charge.