ARCHcon is an abbreviation for Animation, Role-Playing Games, Comics, and Hobbies Convention. Since July of 2004, ARCHcon has been the premier event for enthusiasts alike in Cebu and the Visayas. The event was an initiative by the students of the Sacred Heart School – Jesuit “Alternate Hobbies Club”, which is now the Sacred Heart School – Ateneo de Cebu “Anime Manga Trading Cards and Gaming (AMTG) Brigade”. The event had its humble beginnings as a school activity for table top and trading card gaming competitions that was open to public, and is now a developing convention that features a wide array of popular hobbies towards the youth such as; exhibitions of craft in cosplay, toy and collectible figure displays, local artists demonstrating their works, video games and e-sports, mobile games, tabletop games and so much more for the growing local hobbyist communities.





ARCHcon sees to build the growing creative hobbyist industry in Visayas and Mindanao through supporting hobbies and creating a sustainable hub that gives back to the community through talks, workshops, development activities, mini events and an amalgamation of all the different hobbies into one huge annual event.





The goal for the convention is to be an open venue for people of all walks of life to express themselves and freely showcase their world-class talent, creativity and innovation in celebration of their hobbies and interests; as well as to be an instigator of change by donating the proceeds from the event to mainly the Sacred Heart School – Ateneo de Cebu Blue Plate Project that helps the education sector fight malnutrition among public elementary students through daily feeding programs, as well as other non profit organizations that the community can actively support. Throughout the years, the convention has always been about raising awareness to the public about the different hobbies in Cebu and how the world-class, local talents and abilities should be given proper recognition and appreciation. This also gives everyone the chance give back and raise funds to support our charity and outreach activities: The convention gives the con-goers and participants the power to make a difference with every ticket bought, every merchandise sold, every competition fought for, every performance done, every vendor spot filled up, and every sponsor attained. The event supports people who have the passion to be part of that instigator of change and encourages those who take the initiative to help others develop their own talents and abilities through their own hobbies and inclinations – because that small step in wanting to make a positive difference can go a long way to paving the way for building the growing hobbyist industry in the country.