About Us

ARCHcon stands for Animation, Role-playing, Comics and Hobbies Convention.



ARCHcon aims to be an open venue where people will be able to gather and have fun with their hobbies.

The proceeds of this event will be given to the Sacred Heart School – Ateneo de Cebu Blue Plate Mission. With this, we could have fun and at the same time help others.

Brief History:

ARCHcon was one of the 1st hobby conventions that was held here in Cebu, it started way back July 24, 2004 at the Ayala Activity Center.

Throughout the years, ARCHcon gradually evolved as an event for artists, gamers, cosplayers, exhibitors/collectors and TCG players

Due to the fact that some of the categories have overwhelming features, It  that to create balance and at the same time to strike the desire to express mastery in one’s passion.


What is it all about?
The awareness of toys collectibles and hobby-related items has had a tremendous effect on Filipinos for the past years. People eagerly buy these collectibles, sign up for workshops, join groups that participate in games related to these, and a lot of people still appreciate one of the simplest forms of entertainment a kid can enjoy, and that is watching cartoons.

Stores have opened up nationwide to cater to the demands of this market and have become successful due to the support of its loyal clients. Exhibits, conventions and workshops are held in Manila to bring together all interested hobbyist and different business establishments in one festive, fun and fruitful event.

It’s time Cebu had its own convention to tap into this hobby culture that is slowly popularizing itself among the people. In relation to this, we of A.M.T.G. Brigade, a club catering to hobbies is organizing a Hobbies Convention named ARCHcon. ARCHcon stands for Animation, Role-playing, Comics and Hobbies Convention. This will feature a wide display of toys, comics, Anime (Japanese Animation), collectibles, an array of competitions and a varieties of workshops.

ARCHcon aims to be an open venue where people will be able to gather and have fun with their hobbies and talents. Furthermore, ARCHcon aims to develop students of the A.M.T.G. Brigade on the following key points:

Individual Growth •

ARCHcon aims to develop each member’s social, communication, planning and organizing and most importantly leadership skills. The event will also teach them to be responsible, creative, resourceful and work-oriented.

Team-Building •

Organizing ARCHcon will teach the students to build “a team” of responsibility and cooperation while enjoying together on the same interest.

Social-Awareness •

Through this event, students of the A.M.T.G will develop awareness in sharing their talents and skills for the community.


Hobbies Display •

Sponsors will get to display their wares & show to the target market how their products are relevant to hobbies.

Tournaments •

Special tournaments will be scheduled for Hobbies.

Comic Artist Display •

Local Comic Artists of Cebu will feature their work and sign autographs.

Costume Play (Cosplay) •

Participants will come in costumes of their favorite characters and will act out their character on a given time slot.

PlayStation / Nintendo / Computer Gaming •

Fans can take turns in using the unit; challenging one another.  Sponsoring group will set-up computers for the fans to test out new online games available.

Digital Drawing Contest •

Making digital Artworks on the computer to be submitted before the event. Best-looking digital artwork will get a prize.

Intermission Numbers •

Some students & alumni will show their talents and abilities on stage.

Game Booths •

Club members to get people interested will man Japanese style game booths. Proceeds will go to the Mission/Christmas drive.

Workshops •

Students and Participants alike will be able to join the workshops that will be conducted by special guests and people who specialize in this field/hobby.


The proceeds will go to the Blue Plate Mission of Ateneo de Cebu – Sacred Heart School.